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Algarinejo reiseinformasjon og video

Ferieinformasjon, fakta, bilder og video om Algarinejo


Innbyggere 4200
Nivå over havet 602 meter
Nærmeste flyplass Granada
Avstand til flyplass 37 km
Avstand til badestrand 144 km
Maks. temperatur 40 C
Minimum temperatur 5 C


Algarinejo is a small town located west of Granada; a rural farming town, it is surrounded by a stunning countryside of olive groves and mountains in the Cerro del Calvario.

Its uneven landscape offers a great variety of scenic views. The river Pesquera winds through Algarinejo and feeds the Iznájar reservoir close to the village.

The name derives from the Arab word Al-Garin (the caves), but the town was actually a Roman settlement and local excavations discovered an archaeological site in the centre of town in Constitution Avenue.

About town
The town itself is a pretty, yet very rural location, with a few amenities, bars and shops. But if you are looking for rural tourism, then this is it.

There is a smaller village attached to the town called Fuentes de Cesna, located just south-west of Algarinejo, surrounded by hills and ravines. It is said that in the 15th century it was an important village which Arab Jewel merchants made their home.

Local craftsmen from the area make artisan cheese, embroidery, wicker work and the mantillas, which are the flamenco combs worn in the hair by ladies.

Places to visit

Amongst the most beautiful spots to visit are Tajo de Villa Vieja, an area of stunning hills and clifftops, which forms a picturesque landscape.

The district of Carrera de la Viña, where the River Nueva España flows and is blessed with great beauty created by the river’s waterfalls cliffs. The Río Pesquera is an idyllic spot and popular with rowers. The Sierra Chanzas is a site where the highest peaks of the area are located.

You will note the Arab influence in the local cuisine of Algarinejo, with ingredients such as chick peas, cereals and olive oil being used often in local dishes. Strong chick pea stews, courgette soup with noodles and the green sauce Barbo are all typical of this area. In the summer Ajoblanco and fresh porra are the order of the day.

The weather in the region is warm and enjoyable in the summer months, a typical Mediterranean climate, however, it can get particularly chilly and rainy during the winter months.

Kart over Algarinejo

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12 juni, 2011
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